Day 2: Plan 4, 76, 78. Changing of The Keys, PMQs, Clock Tower.

An unfortunately timed driving lesson scuppered the opportunity to do anything big on the first full day of Things. Add to that the closure of two local attractions, the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising (Thing 28) and Hogarth’s House (Thing 21) , and the back burner looked to be well and truly lit.  However…

A number of Things require a bit of planning, be that writing a letter, reading the In The Courts column of the Times newspaper, or embarking upon a complicated mathematical problem (Thing 36).  Not having a copy of The Times to hand, nor feeling particularly adept at solving the travelling salesman problem single-handedly, I embarked upon something of a letter-writing session.

Armed with Google Docs, I wrote a couple of champion letters.  One to my MP, Mary MacLeod, the other to the good people at the Historic Royal Palaces.  After a couple of revisions, things looked good.  So good, in fact, that I’d forgotten I don’t actually have a printer.  At least, not one that works with my computer.  After some dismay, and a ham and cheese sandwich, I happened upon the idea of writing the letters out by hand.  After all, it’s cheaper than a new printer (and quicker than going to get one) and some would consider it to be a tried-and-tested method of communication.

Mary MacLeod MP will hopefully help me achieve two Things: 76 (watch PMQs from the public gallery) and 78 (have a tour of the Clock Tower).  Here’s a picture of the polite prose her researcher will receive in the next day or two:

A letter to my MP

I’m sure my handwriting used to be much neater than that, but not to worry.  Was probably just a naff pen.

Not wanting to suffer from clasping-related fatigue, it was time to tout for interest in Thing 4. Thing 4, you’ll no doubt recall, is to visit the Tower of London to witness the Ceremony of The Keys. A cup of tea later, and Charlie and Jen had registered their interest on Facebook. Back to the Pukka Pad in order to transcribe another letter, then:

A letter to the Tower of London

Splendid?  Almost.  Just as I’d sealed everything inside the envelope, Martin declared he’d like to come as well.  It would seem unfair to exclude him, particularly as he asked so nicely.  Just hope they don’t mind crossings out:

A last-minute edit...

Don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to the responses.  Let’s hope pen and paper gets results!

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