Day 105: Achievement 67. See the Lord Mayor’s Show

As London is home of the world’s oldest civic procession, it would seem remiss to not see it at least once. So, the day after the election of the 683rd Lord Mayor of London, I went down there with my camera:

There’s not that much point in me banging on about what the Lord Mayor does and all this and that; there’s a great website ( with all that stuff on it.  It’s interesting reading, for sure.

A selection of my photos from the day are, of course, over on flickr.  Look out for the one of the Thames Fireworks that I managed to take through a star filter — it’s a corker.

One thought on “Day 105: Achievement 67. See the Lord Mayor’s Show

  1. Randomly, the chap with the curly hair playing guitar inside what looks like a metal globe is my friend Jack from uni. Small world!

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