Meta: A seven month update

Hello, Things Fan!

Updates have been a little thin on the ground recently.  Apologies for that but, as you might expect, I’ve got a few excuses up my sleeve (always handy when you’re as disorganised and lazy as me).  Firstly, the impetus to do the Hundred Things within a year is gone.  I’ve accepted the offer of a new job that’s based in London, so I’m going to be knocking around the south east for the foreseeable.  Secondly, I’m sure you remember Claire from the Winter Wonderland post.  Well, we’ve been hanging out a fair bit and that, along with working at Stupid O’Clock, has left me with precious little time to do Things.  But there’s precious few Stupid O’Clock shifts left to do before I join the leagues of nine-to-five desk jockeys and generally have a more sensible life.  Good news there, then.

Be assured, though, that although there’s been a drought of updates, there’s been a veritable feast of Things that are just waiting to be written about.  From an utterly disappointing two hours in the IMAX (Tron Legacy) to a mooch around St. Paul’s Cathedral (no road to Damascus moment), via the delights of the Crystal Palace maze (took far too long, especially as I’m taller than the hedge).  That, and more, is still to come — including the bizarre tale of how I spent two months at the Old Bailey but didn’t manage to see anyone get sent down.

In sad news, Konstam, the restaurant that sourced all its ingredients from around the M25, has joined Woolworths in the great big High Street in the sky.  The Terrace Garden at The Langham has probably shut, too, it being last summer’s pop-up champagne bar.  If you’ve got any idea about what could replace these Things, stick your thoughts down in the comments.  I promise to read each one of them.

Think that’s about it for now.  Stay tuned for an actual update… soon. Ish.

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