I moved to London, straight from university, in mid-2004.  I’ve always lived in the west of the city (first Ealing, now Chiswick) and have done the odd bit of London stuff.  I’ve not really made a concerted effort to maximise the value of living in one of the world’s greatest cities, though. Up until now.

In September 2009, my employer asked for volunteers to move to Manchester in autumn 2011.  As a native northerner, I jumped at the chance — proper pies, proper tea, proper fish and chips, proper rain — to return to the wild and wooly.  Then I thought no more of it until July 2010 when, in a meeting, we were shown pictures of the completed new building, completed new tram stop, completed interior design plans.  Gulp.  The notion of leaving London immediately became real; I’d not seen Changing the Guard, never bothered to venture to Tooting for curry, hadn’t got around to hiring a boat on the Thames.  In fact, I realised there were lots of things I hadn’t done.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  I’m in the pub with Man in Shorts, my housemate.  The details are lost in the midsts of time (and Mad Goose), but it was decided that a list of 100 quintessentially London things I’d yet to do would be drawn up.  Then, before moving north, I’d do them.  Let’s see how it goes…

See a full list of the hundred things here.

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  1. Sir John Soanes’ Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields – madly eclectic collection of objects in the great man’s house. So worth a visit it is criminal more people don’t go!

  2. Definitely the Old Operating Theatre in Southwark. It’s not for the faint hearted though. St Thomas’s hospital didn’t have room for a extra operating theatre so they used the attic of an old church. It was closed up, forgotten and only rediscovered recently.

    It will make you glad for Lister and the concept of sterile medical environments.

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